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What is ENSP – Huawei Simulator eNSP Download

Friends, if you are from a networking background then you must have heard the name of eNSP and if you know or have worked on Huawei manageable switches and routers then surely you have also used eNSP to learn the configuration of Huawei switches and routers.

eNSP (Enterprise Network Simulation Platform), is a free and extendable network simulation platform with graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

It simulates enterprise Huawei routers and Huawei switches, giving a perfect presentation of actual devices. eNSP supports large-scale network simulation and allows users to implement experimental tests and learn network technologies without using real devices.

eNSP was developed by Huawei for employees, and students who are learning the configuration of Huawei’s network equipment and for Huawei partners, and for Huawei customers to verify their planned network solutions without using expensive physical hardware equipment.

Download Full Package of eNSP Huawei Simulator

Friends, a few days ago I also needed eNSP software, but it is not available on the Huawei website and I did not find it on other software’s sites also, after searching a lot on the internet I found this software. So I thought why not share this software with all of you so that you also do not have to waste your time searching for this software.

If you have ever used Cisco Packet Tracer then you will be able to use this software very easily. If you are also learning the configuration of Huawei switches and routers or you are doing any Huawei networking course then this software will be very useful for you.

Friends, before installing eNSP, there are some pre-requisites required to be fulfilled to ensure smooth setup and use of the eNSP on your Windows system. you have to install its dependencies like Wireshark, Virtualbox, and WinPcap only then you will be able to successfully install eNSP and work on it.

Friends, you can download and install the complete software bundle of Huawei Simulator eNSP from the link given above, In that Zip file, you will also find Wireshark, Virtualbox, and WinPcap along with eNSP. In the next article, I will tell you all about the installation of eNSP.

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