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How to Reset Fortigate Firewall Admin Password

Friends, As you All know, FortiGate is a network security appliance developed by Fortinet, a cybersecurity company. It’s a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system that provides firewall, VPN, antivirus, intrusion prevention, application control, web filtering, and other security services in a single device. FortiGate Firewall is designed for small, medium and large types of enterprises and Fortigate Firewall is available in different models with different performance capabilities to meet different network sizes and requirements. They are used by organizations around the world to secure their networks and protect them from various cyber threats. In this Article we are going to tell you how you can Reset Fortigate Firewall Admin Password in a few seconds.

Steps to Reset a lost Fortigate Admin Password

Friend’s to Reset the Fortigate Admin Password you have to directly log on to the firewall and reset the password using “maintainer” account. The Password has its own format and it will be bcpb<serial-number>.

For Example: – bcpbFG400CXXXXXXXXXX

Note: Letters of the serial number Must be in UPPERCASE format.

You should keep in mind, that you will have only 14 seconds or less to type username and password. Therefore, it is necessary to have the username and the password ready in a text editor and then copy and paste them into the login screen. There is no indication of when your time is up, so it is possible that it might take more than one attempt to succeed.

Reset Fortigate Firewall Admin Password

There is a condition to reset admin password of Fortigate firewall, maintainer access must be enabled by previous admin, by default it is enabled, if you have not disabled it, If Maintainer access has been disabled by a previous administrator – in this case a factory reset is the only option

Following is the Steps to Reset the Admin Password of Fortigate Firewall

  • First of all Connect your laptop with Firewall through console port using Putty.
  • Restart the Fortigate Firewall.
  • Wait for the Firewall name and login prompt to appear.
  • Copy and paste the username and the password.
  • User Name: maintainer
    Password: bcpbFG600CXXXXXXXXXX

Reset Fortigate Firewall Admin Password

  • Execute the below mentioned commands to reset the Admin password.
config system admin
edit admin
set password ABCXXXXX

Reset Fortigate Firewall Admin Password

  • Your Password has been successfully resetted, now try to login your firewall with new Password.

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