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What is Network Attached Storage (NAS) – Best Device for Data Storage

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Hello friends, you must have heard the name of NAS in many places or read it on the internet, but do you know what actually NAS is ? and How it works? If you want to know about Network Attached Storage (NAS), then definitely read this article completely.

NAS Network Attached Storage is a storage device that is connected to your network and the Internet, In which you can store your data which is very critical for any user or any company. Network Attached Storage is such a great device for data storage and it is becoming very popular day by day and many people are also using it.

Network Attached Storage is not a huge server, it is a small and easy to manage device, Even you can shift this device wherever you want and whenever you want. NAS is a very flexible device, you can increase the storage in NAS according to your need. You Can easily Create and Manage users in NAS. It’s very faster Because the NAS is dedicated to serving files, it removes the responsibility of serving files from other network devices. NAS device can be easily accessed by multiple people, multiple computers, mobile devices, or even remotely.

Network Attached Storage

A NAS is also a cloud device, you and your users can access your data stored in a NAS through the cloud from anywhere other than your local network. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is like having a private cloud in the office. In today’s time the server for data storage has been replaced by NAS as it is very flexible and scale-out Device.

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If we talk about the configuration of NAS so it’s very simple, To configure the NAS Drive you need to connect this device to your network And just like we configure a WIFI router, it has to be configured in the same way.

One more Interesting Thing about NAS is that NAS devices typically do not have a keyboard or display and are configured and managed with a browser-based utility. Basically Each NAS resides as an independent network node on the LAN, which is defined by its own unique Internet Protocol (IP) address.

So Friend’s in the Simple words, Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a dedicated file storage system which can be connected to many different device through network or cloud like mobiles, PCs, laptops at the same time and provide access to the same disk. NAS Device is a very easy to use data storage system with high capacity and low cost storage.

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