Consistent 120GB SATA 2.5-inch 6Gb/s SSD Drive


Enhance your system with AWD Green solid state Drive and improve the performance of your laptop or desktop computer For your daily computing needs. Single-Level cell caching technology boosts write performance in a Consistent SSD to browse the web, play your favorite casual games, or simply start Up your system in a flash. Load files quicker. Improve overall system responsiveness Consistent SSD includes 3 year warranty.


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Consistent 120GB SATA SSD Drive

120 GB SATA SSD Consistent

Consistent 120GB SSD Drive is a type of computer storage device. This non-volatile storage medium uses solid-state flash memory to store persistent data. Traditional hard disc drives (HDDs) are being replaced in computers by SSDs, which perform the same basic operations as a hard drive. SSDs, on the other hand, are substantially faster.

Consistent 120 GB SSD Drive specific benefits in the following areas:

Business: SSDs are frequently used by companies that operate with large volumes of data (such as programming environments or data analysis), as access times and file transfer rates are crucial.

Consistent SSD

Gaming: Gaming computers have always pushed the boundaries of current computing technology, necessitating the purchase of very expensive hardware for the sake of gaming performance. This is especially true in terms of storage, because modern blockbuster games are continually loading and writing files (e.g. textures, maps, levels, characters).

Mobility: SSDs have minimal power consumption, allowing laptops and tablets to enjoy longer battery life. SSDs are also shock-resistant, which means data loss is less likely when mobile devices are dropped.

Servers: In order to adequately service its client PCs, enterprise servers require SSDs for fast readings and writes.

Advantages of Consistent 120GB SSD Drive

Large files may be accessed fast with SSDs. Quicker boot times and better performance. The drive is more responsive and delivers superior load performance because it does not need to spin up like an HDD.

SSDs do not have moving parts, they are more shock resistant and can withstand heat better than HDDs.

Due to the lack of moving parts, SSDs consume less power than HDDs. There are no moving or rotating parts in SSDs, they make less noise. HDD sizes are limited, whereas SSDs available in a range of form factors. Consistent 120GB SSD Drive Comes with 3 Year of warranty.

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